Past events

PGBC 2019

Postgraduate Bioethics Conference 2019

Intergenerational Bioethics

9-10 September, Swansea University

Keynote speakers

Prof Martha Fineman will give a keynote on vulnerability and justice. 

Sally Holland (Children’s Commissioner for Wales) on future generations.

Prof John Harris (Manchester) on intergenerationality and ethics.


Panel debate

Invited speakers from a number of centres including the Centre for Innovative Ageing and the Wales Observatory on Children’s Rights. 

The discussion will centre which is the greater duty- to future or existing generations (where they are in tension).


'Disrupting Cultures in Academia'  will be run by the Director of Student Services and Director of Continuing Education for Swansea University, with ECR facilitators. It will focus on empowering PGs and ECRs to have the ‘difficult conversations’ around asking for support, creating positive working culture, and development. It is a collaborative session run in two- three groups depending on numbers.

Publishing and reviewing - lead TBC

Funding- Paul Woodgate and a member of the Swansea Research and Innovation bids team.

Parallel sessions

These will run three or four at a time depending on numbers. Allowing 20-25mins per speaker including questions. 

The workshops and funding talk aim to provide practical advice and support, from peers as much as those leading the sessions. 

We are offering bursaries of up to £100 (UK) and up to £200 (for international delegates) to cover travel and accommodation (outside of the Monday night accommodation provided by PGBC).  To apply for these bursaries please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 21st July 2019 stating where you are travelling from and why a you feel that a bursary is needed. Priority order will be unfunded presenters, unfunded non-presenters then funded presenters and finally, funded non-presenters.  There will be 6 UK bursaries available and 5 International bursaries.


Monday night's conference dinner will be at a restaurant in Swansea marina.

Active start is an optional (gentle!) yoga or similar session.

We hope to arrange some more outdoor/beach-based activity if weather allows. 

Schedule of activity- subject to change

Day 1

10-10.30 Registration/coffee (poster set up)

10.30-10.45 Welcome 

10.50-11.50 Workshop 1 

11.55- 12.55 Parallel sessions 1

12.55- 13.45 Lunch (poster set up)

13.50- 14.50 Parallel sessions 2 

14.50- 15.50 Keynote 1

15.50-16.20 coffee and poster viewing

16.25-17.30 Keynote 2

Check in at (on campus) accommodation

19.30 Dinner (venue TBC)


Day 2

09.30-10.00 Coffee/active start 

10.05- 11.05 Workshop 2 

11.10-12.00 Parallel sessions 3

12.00-12.50 Lunch and poster viewing

13.00-14.00 Keynote 3 

14.05-15.05 Workshop 3 

15.05-15.20 Coffee 

15.20-16.20 Panel debate

16.20-16.30 Closing address

16.30 Optional social activity- Taliesin Arts Centre  for Swansea Uni info. for local info

To book, visit 

Financial support for carers attending the IME Conference 2019
The IME recognises that for those of you with caring responsibilities, attending events such as the IME Conference is an important part of developing and maintaining your career.  The IME also understands that attending such events can cause an additional financial burden if you need to make alternative care arrangements.

To help alleviate some of this burden, we have introduced a scheme which may entitle you to a small grant of up to £250 (maximum fund of £2,000) if you have caring responsibilities. In order to qualify for the grant you must have an abstract accepted for the conference.

The grant can be used to fund additional/alternative care arrangements for your dependent* to either stay at home while you travel, or to fund travel and associated care costs allowing the dependant to travel with you.
A dependant is a partner, child or parent, or someone who lives with you as part of your family. This could be, for example, an elderly aunt or grandparent. It does not include tenants or boarders who may be living in your family home.

You may make an application for this grant if the following conditions apply:
•You have caring responsibilities and nobody else at your home can provide the care.
•No alternative source of funding is available, e.g. from the conference/training etc. organiser or by other means, such as from research grant funding.  Where relevant it is your responsibility to provide evidence that no alternative source of funding is available.
•The grant is to cover costs outside of the routine everyday care costs you normally incur.
The funds will be paid on receipt of an invoice/receipt detailing the costs incurred. Please note that any impact on benefits or HMRC impacts are the responsibility of the applicant.
Click here for an application form and guidelines (scroll to end.)