Past events

IME National Student Debate Competition 2019

Student information

The event will take place on Saturday 9th March 2019

The debate final will be held in the City of Manchester. As well as the actual ‘debates’, there will also be a keynote speaker of interest to finalists.

Purpose of the debates

  1. a)Promote engagement on a national level with medical ethics
  2. b)Foster a community of interest in medical ethics
  3. c)To provide new learning opportunities
  4. d)To allow students to enjoy medical ethics and have fun

Recruiting students

Students are responsible for organising their own debate teams. It is likely that you will have an ethics lead in your School but they may not have the time to be involved. Putting the onus on students to organise their teams means that you can still enter the national competition even if your ethics lead is unable to be involved.

Although this event has been primarily organised with medical students in mind, you have the option to include students of allied healthcare professions in your team if you wish, such as nurses or physician associates. At least half of the team members must be medical students. Given the purpose of the debates, you should endeavour to include students who are interested in medical ethics rather than simply debating. This event is part of the IME’s endeavour to engage students in medical ethics and foster a community of interest. While many students are competitive and want to win, the stress should be on taking part, meeting like-minded students, learning and enjoyment. It is the taking part that matters.

Entering the competition

There will be a limit of eight teams that can participate in the final in Manchester, and only one team per Medical School. As there may be more than eight teams interested in taking part, there will be a video-audition process to decide which eight teams will qualify to take part on the 9th March. If there are many interested students in your medical school, it is possible for more than one team to upload an entry for the video audition.

All teams wishing to compete are required to upload a video of themselves undertaking a 10 minute debate which will then be judged by a panel to select the eight finalists.

Teams participating in the national final can have up to six members. But when preparing the video, only four people take part: two on each side of the debate.

The topic for the video audition is:

Too much importance is placed on autonomy in medicine today

Each side should spend five minutes presenting their side of the debate. Format is as follows:

First speaker For the motion: 2 minutes

First speaker Against the motion: 2 minutes

Second speaker For the motion: 2 minutes

Second speaker Against the motion: 2 minutes

For the motion (summing up): 1 minute

Against the motion (summing up): 1 minute

*The person summing up can be either of the two speakers.


Deadline for videos to be uploaded is 10th December 2018

Please upload to YouTube. You will need to create a channel if you don’t already have one. Upload your video as ‘Unlisted’ which is a drop down option in the centre of the screen at the start of the upload process on

This will ensure that the video won’t be findable by the general public even if they know the name of it.

Then email the URL of your video to Phil Greenwood of the IME - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  copying in  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please note: If you do not receive a confirmation of submission email from us within one week of emailing the URL of your video, please telephone us on 01925-299733.