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Funding for Research Led Events: Call for Proposals

The Research Committee of the Institute of Medical Ethics offers funding for research-led events. We invite proposals that fall within the scope of the IME’s mission to support UK scholarly activities in the field of medical ethics, broadly understood. We welcome proposals for events that focus on one or more of the full range of disciplines that contribute to scholarship in this area, including, but not limited to: philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history, education and the medical humanities. Proposals may be organised around a substantive matter or ethical concern, or they may take the issue of method/ ology, including questions around multi- or inter- disciplinary research, as their central focus. Applications may be made for individual events or for a series of workshops or seminars.

The Research Committee has up to £10,000 to offer, and applications may be made for anything up to that limit. However, rather than offer all the funding available to a single proposal, it is likely that we will prefer to fund two or more applications. We hope to make 3-5 awards. Whilst relevance, innovation and academic merit will be the primary factor in decisions to award funding to proposed events, the following criteria will be looked upon favourably:

1. Whether as members of the audience or as full participants, the inclusion of:

a. Medical and healthcare professionals.

b. Students of medicine or the healthcare professions, particularly those who have or are intercalating in medical ethics or related programmes.

c. Those involved with policy-making, where appropriate.

d. Postgraduate students and early career academics whose work falls within the field of medical and healthcare ethics.

e. Those who are or may be affected by the issues being discussed, including patients or service users.

2. Applications that seek matched funding and / or financial support (e.g. sponsorship) from institutions, other funding bodies and organisations.*

3. Plans to build on the event, such as conducting further research (including making applications for funding), or proposing a panel for larger conferences, such as the annual conference organised by the IME’s Research Committee, or the ESPMH for example.

4. A plan for publications, or the development of publications.

Those who are interested in making an application should consult the rules for this scheme for more details on what is required.

* Alternatively, applications for this funding may seek to augment events that are already taking place. In such cases the ‘added value’ that will be provided by the additional funding must be made clear. This could include the addition of a UK delegation to the programme of an event in Europe. In such a case the purpose and contribution of this addition should be made clear..

Note: Events specifically aimed at, or led by, postgraduate students will not be funded via this call. Those interested in events aimed at or led by postgraduates should contact the IME’s Postgraduate Committee.

Application Form (Word)

Application Form (PDF)


Rules & Guidance

Other Awards

The Mark Brennan Prize for Student Posters

All those awarded IME bursaries in the previous year and IME scholarships in the previous two years are invited to present a poster of their project at the IME Spring (Education) Conference. The Mark Brennan Prize is awarded annually for the best poster in each category.

In 2018:

Chloe Livesey, University of Liverpool, was awarded the scholarship prize for her poster entitled:

Is it really NICE to be NICE?


Chloe Livesey







Zain Abbas Syed, University of Oxford, was awarded the bursary prize for his poster entitled:

Brain death or death of the brain? An analysis of the issue of brain death according to current Shia Islamic jurists.

Zain Abbas Syed

In 2017:
Sarah Kelly, University of Edinburgh, was awarded the scholarship prize for her poster entitled:
'Assisted Dying in Prison: Should we Assist Prisoners to Die?'


Rebecca Walters, University of Birmingham,was awarded the bursary prize for her poster entitled:
'What are the Ethical Issues Surrounding Care of Newborns in a Privately Funded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in India?'

Congratulations to them both and thank you to all the students who entered the competition.


Pictured: Rebecca Walters with Dr Wing May Kong, IME Chair of Trustees

Rebecca Walters_Bursary_poster_winner_2017






Sarah Kelly with Dr Wing May Kong


Sarah Kelly_Scholarship_poster_winner_2017