Other awards

Other Awards


The Mark Brennan Prize for Student Posters

All those awarded IME bursaries in the previous year and IME scholarships in the previous two years are invited to present a poster of their project at the IME Spring (Education) Conference. The Mark Brennan Prize is awarded annually for the best poster in each category.

In 2017:
Sarah Kelly, University of Edinburgh, was awarded the scholarship prize for her poster entitled:
'Assisted Dying in Prison: Should we Assist Prisoners to Die?'


Rebecca Walters, University of Birmingham,was awarded the bursary prize for her poster entitled:
'What are the Ethical Issues Surrounding Care of Newborns in a Privately Funded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in India?'

Congratulations to them both and thank you to all the students who entered the competition.



Pictured: Rebecca Walters with Dr Wing May Kong, IME Chair of Trustees

Rebecca Walters_Bursary_poster_winner_2017






Sarah Kelly with Dr Wing May Kong

Sarah Kelly_Scholarship_poster_winner_2017