Call for Abstracts - ICCEC 2018

The Organising Committee of the 14th International Conference on Clinical Ethics Consultation (ICCEC) invites you to submit abstracts that address the conference main theme or any of the sub-themes.

Abstract Guidelines

1. General Conditions

  • The deadline to submit abstracts is Friday 15th December. Abstracts received after this date will not be accepted.
  • Only abstracts submitted in English will be reviewed.
  • Abstracts should be original work that has not been previously submitted for publication or presented at another conference
  • A maximum of two (2) abstracts may be submitted per presenting author (including symposium presenters).
  • Abstracts must not exceed the word limit stated below for the respective presentation type.
  • All abbreviations must be spelled out on first use.
  • To be formally accepted, the presenter (or all presenters for a symposium) must be registered and have paid to attend ICCEC 2018 by 31st March 2018

2. Abstract Themes

Each submission should be classified into one of the following themes: Within these themes the committee will consider a broad range of content. We have provided some examples of areas that might fit within each theme for general guidance only –we encourage you to submit abstracts outside of these examples.

A. Ethical challenges in the clinic: impetus for research and learning


  1. Innovation at the boundary of treatment and research What counts as innovation, and which ethical models and values should apply.
  2. Rationing in clinical practice. How resource limitations influence practice and the ethical implications of different coping


B.Theoretical foundations and conceptual frameworks


  1. Different models of CES arising from different philosophical positions and traditions
  2. (How) can ethical theory improve CESS? Is theoretical knowledge a prerequisitefor quality in CESS?

C. Empirical ethics emerging from and informing practice



    1. i.Evaluation of CES
    2. ii.Research on ethical challenges in specific clinical areas
    3. iii.Does clinical ethics mitigate moral distress?

D. Translating across global contexts


  1. Can/should curriculums and models of CES be transferred to different global settings and cultures?
  2. Medical research in low income settings creating clinical ethical dilemmas?
  3. Does autonomy engender bioethical imperialism?

E. Translating to advocacy and policy


    1. Developing/influencing policy on treatment of asylum seekers and other migrants
    2. The role of clinical ethics in national policy debates eg Physician Assisted Suicide, Organ transplantation, use of gene therapy


3. Types of Presentation

The preferred mode of presentation can be selected during abstract submission. The final mode of presentation for the accepted abstracts will be determined by the Scientific Committee.

Oral Presentations and case studies

  • Presenters will be allocated 20 minutes to present and engage in discussion
  • Abstract Word limit: 300 words

Case studies

  • Presenters will be allocated 30 minutes to present and engage in discussion
  • Abstract Word limit: 300 words


  • Presenters will be allocated 1 hour for a panel discussion
  • Up to 4 panellists, in addition to the Chair, are permitted for the symposium.
  • Abstract Word limit: 500 words (inclusive of a summary of each panellist’s topic)

Poster Presentation

  • There will be a dedicated area and timeslot for poster presentations and interactions with delegates
  • Abstract Word limit: 300 words

Registration for Abstract Submission


When following the link to submit an abstract you will be re-directed to a site that is Institute of Medical Ethics branded.  If you have not used this site previously you will be required to register before being able to enter an abstract.  One you have registered you will be able to log back in to add more to your abstract and/or edit existing content up until the point where you click to submit.

IMPORTANT – When submitting an abstract please start the title with the letter associated with the theme that you are submitting under ie:
A – Ethical challenges in the clinic: impetus for research and learning
B – Theoretical foundations and conceptual frameworks
C – Empirical ethics emerging from and informing practice
D – Translating across global contexts
E –Translating to advocacy and policy


Please have the following details of the Author and Co-Authors ready for the abstract submission

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Country
  4. Institution/ Organisation
  5. Profession

Abstract Receipt Confirmation

Upon successful submission, the main author will receive an automated acknowledgement via email.  No further action is required. 

Following the conference accepted abstracts will be published in the Journal of Hospital Ethics with the authors consent.




The organisers of ICCEC 2018 are delighted to be able to provide a number of bursaries to attend the conference for delegates from both the UK and overseas.

The Institute of Medical Ethics (IME) are extending their Conference Grant Scheme to cover UK based undergraduate medical students and UK based postgraduate students studying for their MA, MPhil or PhD in medical ethics or bioethics (and includes F1 & 2 doctors). 

Important Dates

Important dates

Closing of abstract submissions

Friday 15th December 2017

Notification of acceptance

Friday 23rd February 2018

Confirmation of acceptance

Friday 9th March 2018

Launch of early bird registration rate

Friday 5th January 2018

Deadline for bursary applications

Friday 23rd February 2018

Deadline for early bird registration rate

Friday 20th April 2018

Deadline for standard registration rate

Friday 15th June 2018