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Dr Zoe Fritz - Research Committee

Zoe Fritz

Zoë Fritz is a Consultant Physician at Cambridge University Hospitals and a Wellcome Fellow in Bioethics, based between Warwick and Cambridge Universities. She became interested in the possible negative effects of DNACPR orders while working as a Registrar in Acute Medicine and Intensive Care, and has conducted research on the use, ethics, and understanding of DNACPR orders. She and her colleagues in Cambridge have developed and assessed an alternative approach to DNACPR orders, the Universal Form of Treatment Options (UFTO) which contextualises the resuscitation decision amongst other treatment decisions, and is completed for all patients. Her current work is looking at the relationship between trust and questioning, particularly in the acute care setting, and investigating whether there is an optimal amount of information to share with patients.

Zoë Fritz is a clinical research fellow and medical registrar in acute medicine at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge. She represents junior doctors on the governing body, and is helping to plan methods to keep clinicians educated and interested in medical ethics. Zoë introduced an “affirmation ceremony” at Imperial College, London to help make doctors aware of the responsibilities they were taking on, and co-wrote “affirmation of a new doctorhttp://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/323/7327/1440. She is currently undertaking research examining the effects of “Do Not Attempt Resuscitation” orders on clinical care, and is developing and evaluating an alternative approach to resuscitation and other treatment decisions. She is committed to using rigorous scientific method to assess and improve both clinical process and ethical standards.