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Palliative and End of Life Care

Tackling Variations, Eradicating Inequalities

Thursday 9 February 2017, Manchester Conference Centre

Open Forum Events are pleased to host a further conference focusing on Palliative and End of Life care. This latest event is the third in a highly successful series of mindful events that brings together those affected by and caring for people nearing the end of their lives.

Approximately half a million people die every year in the UK. Three-quarters of these deaths are not sudden but are expected, requiring specialist care and treatment during the final days, in accordance with the wishes of patients and their families. The Palliative and End of Life Care: Tackling Variations, Eradicating Inequalitiesconference aims to confront the inconsistencies and seek to provide the answers to providing standardised, personalised care to everyone, everywhere.Although The Economist ranks Britain as the best in the world from among 80 nations for delivering end-of-life care, there is discrimination and gaps in the quality of provision. Not everyone receives the same standard of care with an estimated 100,000 plus people in the UK not receiving the palliative care that would be of benefit. These variations need to be addressed to ensure, whenever possible, that those who are dying experience a good death according to their wishes and needs. The evidence shows that the discrimination in care provision affects different groups in society and those who are vulnerable due to circumstances on a disproportionate scale.

The Palliative and End of Life Care: Tackling Variations, Eradicating Inequalities conference will seek to address where and why the anomalies arise in the standards of provision and how equity in access, quality and experience can be achieved for all terminally ill people, across all of society.

The event will feature a highly informative agenda, presenting speakers who are experts in their field, plus examples of best practice which delegates may feel appropriate to adopt into their own provision arrangements. Delegates will have the opportunity to question, discuss and debate the very latest thinking, as well as share their own stories and experiences with the conference.

Invited and Confirmed Speakers:

Simon Chapman, Director of Policy & External Affairs, National Council for Palliative Care

Dr Karen Chumbley, Clinical Director, St Helena Hospice

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chair of the Health Select Committee

Simon Jones, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Marie Curie

Dr Zoe Fritz, Executive Committee Member, The Resuscitation Council (UK)

Tony Bonser, Chair of People in Partnership, The National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC)

Usha Grieve, Director of Partnerships and Information, Compassion in Dying

Dr Catherine Millington Sanders, GP, RCGP and Marie Curie National Clinical End of Life Care Champion

Anne Keating MSc, Managing Director, The Gold Standards Framework

Suzy Croft, Association of Palliative Care Social Workers

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