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Call for papers: Annual conference of the Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research

The Call for papers is now open. Last date for submission is 1 September 2019.

Hosted by the University of Sheffield, 23-24 January 2020. The theme for the conference is Experience, Medicine and Marginalisation. All details relating to submission of proposals can be found on the NNMHR website. 

The conference aims to be a forum to interrogate and explore the notion of experience from multiple perspectives. The organisers hope to have a wide range of medical and health-related experience represented at the conference: patients and non-patients, medical practitioners, people involved in different ways in the institutions of medicine and health care. Recognising that the very category of experience can be normative, contributions are welcomed that focus on the politics of marginalised experiences, and/or the problems (ethical and practical) involved in 'capturing' such experiences. The issues in labelling certain kinds of experience as 'marginalised' and the power relations that sustain these inequalities are also welcomed as topics for analysis.

Five bursaries are available for postgraduate researchers (PGRs) and early career researchers (ECRs)*, covering accommodation and travel of up to £175. Applications for bursaries will be considered following the final selection of panels and papers (please indicate on the Google Form whether you would like to be considered for this bursary, which will prioritise those without current external research funding).

The Organising Committee of the 3rd NNMHR Congress are: Dr Annamaria Carusi, Dr Chris Millard and Prof Ian Sabroe, who are all based at the University of Sheffield.

*A person qualifies as PGR/ECR for the purposes of this bursary EITHER if they are currently studying, OR have no more than 5 years of active experience post-PhD (time away for parental leave, health leave, or other reasons unrelated to research are not included in 'active experience'), and are not in an open-ended academic position.